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Medallia Mobile 2


Medallia's first-ever Android app is now available! Note that only individuals in companies that have activated Medallia Mobile 2 access will be able to log in. If you're a Medallia user who would like access to the app, please email us at and we'll see if we can get you up and running soon!We're adding new features all the time, but right now you'll be able to:
-Track key metrics against your benchmarks with configurable scorecards-Review responses and alert activity-Filter responses by search term, organizational level, alert type / status, time period, and customer segment-Reply by email (with the starter template)-Forward responses by email to colleagues-Call back customers and record call results-Close/reopen alerts-Leave a note for colleagues to read
Note: by installing or using Medallia Mobile 2 for Android, you agree to the following terms on behalf of the Medallia customer with which you are employed, affiliated or associated. This is a legally binding agreement, so please read it carefully: